GoldPhish is a fully remote security awareness training company with an international team of employees based in the UK and Africa, as well as a global network of partner organisations. We provide innovative web-based training solutions to help organisations teach their employees secure behaviour. It's Cyber Made Simple.

GoldPhish Characters_Dan-06.png

Dan Thornton | Co-founder & CEO

Obsessively organised military man who keeps the team focussed and energised despite the fact he never sleeps. He is the brains and brawn of the entire GoldPhish operation. When he’s not working all hours, he runs ultra marathons. He’s the glue that keeps the team together and brings out the brilliance in each and everyone.

GoldPhish Team Zoe Gardner.png

Zoé Gardner | Co-founder

& Creative Director

A multi-tasking maverick and mum, somehow manages her role whilst running around after three little ones. She oversees our brand and messaging with her no-nonsense approach to design, marketing and tech to ensure cyber security is accessible for all… This  is where Cyber Made Simple was born, of course!

GoldPhish Characters_Marius-08.png

Marius Potgieter | Director of

Software Development

Because 'badass miracle worker' is not an appropriate job title. Constantly solving problems that would make an average human cry, and building solutions to ensure we’re delivering the world-class tech product we promise. Not all heroes wear capes.

GoldPhish Characters_Hein-02.png

Hein Niemand | Product & Development Director

His super power is humanising technology. The beautiful, intuitive and insanely popular design of our platform was not a mistake. Hein ensures the learner, customer manager, and MSP partner experiences are flawless and unforgettable.

GoldPhish Characters_Karin-09.png

Karin Thornton | Finance Controller

Not only is she the nicest person ever, she also has ninja skills with numbers so we don’t mess with this one! She keeps those purse strings well and truly in check by managing all aspects of the GoldPhish finances.

GoldPhish Characters_Carla-05.png

Carla Carboné | Senior Designer

Creative to the max, and captures the GoldPhish brand vision in an instant. Whether it’s marketing collateral or learning content design… We barely have to brief Carla before she’s knocked it out of the park! Did we mention she’s brilliant?!

GoldPhish Characters_Warren-04.png

Warren Dovey | Learning Content Director

Cool as a cucumber and also a wizard when it comes to bringing ideas to life and turning core security topics into effective and engaging learning content across multiple channels. Our learning modules are absolute game changers these days.

GoldPhish Characters_Jess-03.png

Jess Massyn | Global Sales Director

Book a demo with Jess and you’ll

see for yourself what an absolute delight she is! She works tirelessly growing and supporting our very important partner network and contributes company wide to our sales and marketing efforts all

for the love of GoldPhish.