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What is the Virtual Cyber Crisis Simulation?


This is an exercise that will help customers, colleagues and executives understand the cyber risk to their business. In collaboration with AXIS Insurance we have put a cyber crisis scenario together that you can be part of, virtually! 


Conducted via webinar you can be part of a simulated, major cyber incident as it develops before your very eyes! What will the high-level stakeholders do? How will the debate unfold between individuals and departments when the business is compromised? Which way will you vote? And how will the result impact the business?


It's extremely useful, educational and helps assist in creating your own cyber risk and cyber awareness strategy. 


How does it work?


Dan Thonton - co-Founder and CEO at GoldPhish, alongside guest speakers; Sharif Gardner - Head of Cyber Training and Advisory Services for AXIS, and Simon West - Cyber Adviser at AXIS will role play as individuals in a fictitious company. One might be from the IT team stuck in a debate with a member of the Sales team competing for resources and time. As conflict ensues at each informational inject, it is the audience that plays the CEO of the fictitious company to vote on which key facts or stakeholder they will back. After each vote, Dan, Simon and Sharif will discuss the challenges and realities to the answers in a cyber risk context.


How long does it take? 


Around 60 minutes but can depend on engagement and voting. If the votes are evenly split, this can often lead to more discussion around why one answer is more favorable than another.


Who is eligible?


If you are a partner of GoldPhish, or looking to become part of our partner programme, we would welcome you to join us. Why not invite some of your own clients too? It’s on a complimentary basis. Completely free of charge! We’re just keen for involvement so more individuals become more cyber aware!

Who should attend?


We encourage as diverse a group of participants as possible. Ideally attendees from legal, finance, IT, corporate communications, sales, compliance, security, HR and operation teams. 


There is a 250 participation limit - assigned on a first come first served basis. Participation voting is anonymous through 


About AXIS Capital Insurance




Today, the threat of a cyber incident is real regardless of industry sector, size or geographic location. Cyber insurance and risk mitigation are critical to help protect businesses from financial loss and provide them with cyber security services that help them manage and recover from the effects of cyber attacks and cyber data incidents. We offer brokers and clients deep expertise in managing data security, guidance on preparing for an incident and guidance on preparing for a cyber incident response.


We take a proactive approach to our cyber solutions by helping demystify the cyber risk landscape and deliver production innovation. Our deep expertise allows us to address complex risk mitigation questions

Guest speaker Bio - Simon West

Simon West is a Cyber Risk Advisor for AXIS Capital’s Insurance segment, a market leader in cyber insurance. In this role, Simon is responsible for developing and implementing initiatives to provide cyber expertise to the underwriting teams across AXIS Insurance, as well as for brokers and clients. He contributes to developing broker and risk-manager specific training programmes and advisory services. Simon is a former Royal Marine with over 14 years’ service and has graduated at Bournemouth University with an MSc Cyber Security and Human Factors.


Guest speaker Bio - Sharif Gardner

Sharif Gardner, Head of Cyber Training and Advisory Services for AXIS Capital Insurance, is responsible for incident response, cyber risk management services and providing cyber expertise to the underwriting teams across AXIS Insurance, as well as for brokers and clients. He has developed GCHQ accredited broker and risk-manager training programs and regularly runs multi-sector crisis management workshops internationally. He’s a former Royal Marine and is credited with creating the globally recognized Frontier Risks SRMC™. He is a co-author of Penetration Testing: A guide for business and IT Managers. BCS, The Chartered Institute of IT.

Dan Thornton Bio

Co-Founder and CEO of GoldPhish, Dan Thornton, has extensive experience in advising and training multi-national corporations on security risk mitigation and crisis management. After a career in the military and corporate security industry, his passion now is helping clients manage their cyber risks and build cyber resilient organisations through highly-engaging and successful training programmes. 



08.00 (UK BST)

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