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Security Awareness Training

Why do employees need this training?

Companies spend a fortune securing and improving their IT systems, in an effort to protect their businesses and clients. For this reason, hackers have changed their approach, increasingly targeting staff & exploiting human error. GoldPhish empowers companies to fix this problem with the industry's best security awareness training solution.

What is E-Learning?

E-Learning allows the online delivery of training with real time tracking of training results, optimising time and reducing costs associated with traditional corporate learning methods.

What is CybACADEMY?

CybACADEMY is the web-based training platform used to deliver GoldPhish's world class, highly engaging security awareness training program.

How much does it cost?

If you are a 10 person SME or a 50,000 person Multi-National ... we've got an affordable price model for you. Choose between a 'training only' solution or a mix of awareness training and phishing simulations. Find our pricing model here.

How extensive is the GoldPhish content library?

We currently have 15 core security awareness E-Learning modules, 10 animation training videos, 8 executive training modules, 12 micro training modules and a library of awareness posters and inforgraphics.

Is GoldPhish training content available in other languages?

At this time, our training content and solution is only available in English. We will let you know as soon as this changes!

Is GoldPhish content regularly updated?

Our learning design team ensure all our modules and videos are relevant and current with international best standards. New content and quizzes and regularly being added to our training library.

What is a LMS?

A Learning Management System (LMS) is an online system or software that is used to deliver eLearning programs and helps in administration, documentation, tracking, and recording.

What is SCORM?

SCORM is an international standard for tracking E-Learning activities. All GoldPhish content is SCORM compliant supported by our training platform.

Can I use my own LMS?

GoldPhish is a popular content provider to a number of world class training and education partners hosting our content on their content market places. We do not currently have the API to allow hosting on individual client LMS.

How long are GoldPhish modules and videos?

On average, our core E-Learning modules are no longer than 7-9 minutes each and our videos are only 2 minutes each. The monthly micro-modules are just that, a quick 2-3 minutes of engaging learning.

What formats is GoldPhish content available in?

GoldPhish produces our content in many different file types, including SCORM 1.2, 2004 v2, 3, and 4, Tin Can, HTML5, and .mp4.

How does the onboarding process work?

The process for onboarding your staff onto CybACADEMY and getting them started with training is simple and effortless. Identified Managers will receive an onboarding email with simple directions and guidance on how to get started and tips for launching a successful training programme. Once added manually or via .CSV upload, users will receive onboarding emails allowing them to get started with training immediately.

How long does onboarding take?

From first sign in to live training will take you less than 10 minutes.

Can GoldPhish be whitelabeled?

Our CybACADEMY platform is fully customizable for Partners and Clients alike. Use your own logo and colour scheme on the platform to reinforce company branding and culture.

How does dashboard reporting work?

Through CybACADEMY, customers gain access to a full reporting dashboard. With insights about which user has or hasn’t completed training, you can better assess your organisation’s training status.

How long are interactive knowledge assessments?

Multiple choice quizzes are included at the end of each of our core security awareness modules. These quizzes reinforce the learning users have just taken and provide reassurance to managers that the subject matter is being understood. Users are required to complete quizzes successfully to receive a completion credit for the module. Users have unlimited tries to complete the quiz which on average takes about 2-3 minutes to complete.

Why do I need a continuous training program?

We recommend training employees at least once a year with core security awareness training, and then reinforcing training with monthly awareness campaigns and quarterly phishing campaigns. Continuous programs like this are not exhaustive but keep security awareness front of mind for your organisation.

Phising Simulations

What is phishing simulation?

Phishing simulation campaigns send realistic phishing emails to employees in order to gauge their awareness of attacks and what to do with phishing emails when they receive them. Phishing simulation is typically used in coordination with phishing training that educates employees about how these attacks work and how to avoid them.

Why use phishing campaigns?

An effective phishing simulation program can help to significantly improve employee's awareness of phishing threats and increase the likelihood that they will respond correctly when they encounter a suspicious email. This can help you address the kinds of human error that are involved in more than 90% of security breaches.

How does GoldPhish manage phishing campaigns?

In consultation with our Partners or Clients we will choose a phishing email template to use. We will then build and schedule the phishing campaign to launch against designated targets within the organisation. After testing and approval from the client, GoldPhish will launch the phishing campaign. On completion of the campaign the Client will receive a detailed campaign report.

Are phishing email templates customisable?

Yes. GoldPhish will work with you to tailor the templates to match the kind of phishing attacks employees are likely to receive.

How does the phishing campaign process work?

GoldPhish will provide the client IT Team with IP whitelisting gudelines to ensure the phishing emails reach their targets. We then decide on a template to use, which employees / departments to target, and the duration of the campaign. The client will then receive a test email to check it is arriving correctly and ensure you are happy with the template. After campaign approval GoldPhish takes care of the rest.

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