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Cybersecurity awareness training empowers your workforce

GoldPhish launch ‘BeCybaware’ campaign to support organisations cybersecurity needs.

Due to the far reaching rise in online security breaches, business leaders worldwide are realising ‘cybersecurity’ is no longer a boardroom buzz word. It is a very real threat for every employee. So, is it time to empower your workforce?

If you’re a business leader, you should be more aware than ever of the growing cybersecurity threats, yet too many corporate risk managers are failing to take the appropriate measures in protecting their organisation. And worse yet, are failing to understand the true threat of a cybersecurity breach. As the South African POPI Act, and the UK’s GDPR draws closer, organisations are realising cybersecurity lies at the heart of regulation, compliance and day-to-day business. We must acknowledge this is no longer just an ‘IT issue’. In order to protect your network, responsibilities lie with you and your employees, and building more secure frameworks internally can be achieved with some basic security controls.

The first step towards a change in organisational behaviour is awareness. And the challenge most organisations face? It is understanding cybersecurity. With these barriers in mind, our approach at GoldPhish is a simple one; we help you and your employees understand the cyber risk through web-based interactive awareness training. Our Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) course has been designed to engage your employees at all levels with courses they can participate in from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. Our awareness course empowers your employees to reduce the cyber risk to your business.

The GoldPhish CSA course promotes the ‘BeCybaware’ message through interactive tools and engaging resources so every employee can help manage cybersecurity.

Why ‘BeCybaware’? Simply put, you own things of value to a cyber criminal; customer data, credit card details, money, passwords, identities… the list is long! If your company suffers an attack – and you have this information stolen – you can expect financial loss, reputational harm, a damaged brand. The impact can be catastrophic.

Check out our video an ‘Introduction to Internet Security’ to understand the basics.

You may have established technical levels of cybersecurity, but you’re only as good as your weakest link!

It is clear from recent global cyber attacks that technology is no longer enough. It takes a combination of people, processes and technology to effectively combat today’s threats. You might have just one untrained employee who opens the wrong email, or inserts an insecure USB key. That’s all it takes to let in an attack. Having to cease business for days, or losing customer data as a consequence is disastrous for business.

The best business leaders educate teams and close skills gaps in order to innovate and protect their organisation. Are you one of them?

Grow your company’s security culture with continuous workforce education. Our ‘BeCybaware’ message is a key theme running through our learning resources powered by GoldPhish. Be Secure. Be Aware. Be Cybaware.



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