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Get your free toolkit for Cyber Security Awareness Month

Are you and your organisation ready for Cyber Security Awareness Month? This is your opportunity to share key cyber security knowledge with your networks and help build more secure communities.

Cyber Security Awareness Month Yay

What is Cyber Security Awareness Month (CSAM)? It’s an annual campaign aimed at educating everyone about the growing threat of cyber crime and the impact it can have on individuals, families, colleagues, and companies. While it began in the United States, CSAM has grown to be a globally recognised initiative. It runs throughout the whole of October each year.

What are we doing during Cyber Security Awareness Month? GoldPhish is proud to provide a free 31 Days of Cyber social media toolkit so you'll have something to share every day throughout October. The toolkit will help you inform, educate, and empower your networks on simple cyber security controls to help us all ‘BeCybaware’.

What's about the toolkit? Our free toolkit helps remind you, and your far-reaching networks, that every little bit helps when it comes to fighting cyber crime. This is why we have done the work for you, to help make it that little bit easier to spread the word!

Where can I get these resources? Right here! 31 Days of Cyber social media toolkit.

What else can we do during Cyber Security Awareness Month? All it takes is one ‘bad phish’ to wreak havoc on your network and send your business into turmoil. Therefore, it is important to engage and inform everyone across your organisation – employees, clients, and vendors – to keep security top of mind. Our 31 Days of Security Awareness calendar below summarises the daily tips we'll be providing. Why not share this blog to get started on your own security awareness drive!?

Cyber Security Awareness Month Infographic


GoldPhish educates end-users on the cyber threat and helps build more secure organisations with awareness training and phishing simulation

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