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GoldPhish empowers cyber heroes - it’s Cyber Made Simple!

Empowering Cyber Heroes

Both businesses and individuals have had to adjust significantly, not only to their new way of working, but to their new way of living - remotely - and to a life online.

As a result, more and more cyber criminals are lurking, ready to take advantage of increased security vulnerabilities posed by individuals being 'online' 24/7. Our devices are our 'go-to' for storing things of huge value to cyber criminals - customer data, credit card details, money, passwords, personal identities… And the list goes on!

So, how can we begin to protect our online networks (including clients, colleagues, friends and family) and be the cyber hero they need?

The answer lies with GoldPhish.

It’s time to power-up on cyber knowledge. Our platform is intuitive and easy to use whilst our content is relatable, engaging and effective. We cover topics that are critical in today's digital world - especially during the current global landscape.

GoldPhish Cyber Security Awareness Training Infographic

Yes, you'll find an abundance of information regarding cyber security through an online search, however, GoldPhish’s human-centric approach through our training platform and content makes cyber simple and easy to implement. What’s more, it is accessible for users at all levels, anywhere, at any time - leaving no chink in the armour.

Our white-label, multi-tenant enabled platform is designed to seamlessly deliver awareness training and real-time simulated phishing emails which can be delivered as part of your own managed service package or internal training. It truly is the simplest way to customise and scale cyber security training and awareness.

GoldPhish is the only security awareness training solution you will ever need. Go empower those cyber heroes!

Book a demo of our training platform and check out some of our past blogs to get started.

It's Cyber Made Simple



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