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On a mission to protect smaller businesses with Free cybersecurity awareness training

Why do you need free cybersecurity training? Cyber crime is an increasing threat to us all, with the average cost of a data breach to a medium sized business currently peaking at almost £20,000. And it doesn’t stop there, over the next five years cybersecurity breaches will have cost businesses globally a total of $8 trillion in fines, lost business and remediation costs.

GoldPhish recognise the speed in which cyber crime is becoming more common, and with that, cybersecurity is no longer just a ‘boardroom buzz word’, but a very real threat to workers far and wide, leaving many smaller businesses wondering how they’ll tackle an attack, not if, but when one will strike?

We appreciate that for a smaller organisation, it’s not a case of not caring, but more the worry of having no budget available for IT security. This is why our immediate mission is to distribute free cybersecurity training via CybACADEMY – our online security education platform. We’re offering this free awareness training to organisations with up to 100 employees. So, what are you waiting for? There’s no better time to be aware of the cyber risk – ‘Be Cybaware’

CybACADEMY FREE 100 – sign up today and start benefitting from your free awareness training sooner rather than later…

Dan Thornton, Director at GoldPhish, explains security technology is no longer enough to effectively combat the growing threat. “It takes a combination of people, processes and technology to defend against cyber crime and this can all lead to cost. By offering our web-based education solution, for free, we’re helping companies get a step ahead of the criminals. And what we feel is fundamental in this offering, is assisting the supply chains of larger organisations to become better protected as well.”

Mr Thornton added; “Some larger firms have established strong IT departments and have good security, but they are still only as good as their weakest link. We focus on the fundamental weakness in all security plans, the human factor. One employee, one contractor is all it takes to let in an attack; having to cease business for days or losing customer data as a consequence can be catastrophic for business.”

He went on to explain that a company might have just one untrained employee who opens the wrong email or inserts an insecure USB key into a computer. “We are about improving awareness of the risk and training people within an organisation, and their supply chain, to mitigate that risk. We can’t think of a better way of supporting those smaller businesses than with free cybersecurity training that empowers the whole workforce!”

CybACADEMY, powered by GoldPhish, is an online security education platform complete with interactive training courses and a lifecycle of cybersecurity awareness materials – designed specifically for non-technical staff. Our Introduction to Internet Security awareness video highlights the simplicity of our offering, whilst the platform delivers the basics in cybersecurity to feed simple day-to-day controls and promote a stronger security culture workforce wide.

Build your human firewall and protect your organisation

Or, for more information on our FREE 100 Campaign email – you can also leave a comment below.


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