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Oops! You probably shouldn't have done that...

Good news though! We're here to inform you of the security risk involved with QR code scanning.

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QR code attacks use the same broad tactics as standard phishing campaigns. Targets will be sent an email with a required action to encourage them to interact with the QR code. Scanning the QR code will redirect the victim to a fraudulent phishing site to harvest usernames, passwords, bank details, and any other personal information the criminals can convince the target to give up.

Some of the best possible ways to mitigate these risks are as follows:

Scan If You Dare - Assets-02.png
Scan QR codes of trusted sources only
Scan If You Dare - Assets-03.png
Use QR scanners that display site URLs
Scan If You Dare - Assets-04.png
Regularly update your device's security
Scan If You Dare - Assets-05.png
Remain vigilant
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