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The Cyber Security Landscape for 2023

23 March | 8:00 - 9:00AM SAST

Industry experts give their predictions for the year ahead and how organisations can best equip themselves to counter this ever-changing landscape.

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Most cybersecurity leaders report lofty aspirations for their security awareness programs, yet underinvest in this space because legacy solutions do not meet current CISO needs.

Join us to raise awareness about digital security and empower yourself to protect your data from digital forms of crime, whether that’s at work, at home, at school, or into the future. We believe that empowering employees to make the correct decisions through continuous cyber security awareness is the only way to truly build a mature Security Culture in an organisation.

We see raising awareness and changing end-user behaviour as “Marketing for Security”!

Join us for a FREE one hour session hosted by our expert panel.


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Mitigating Human Risk

Realistic phishing attack simulations help improve end-user awareness, and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence. 

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The New Cyber Landscape

The cyber insurance landscape is shifting. What do you have to do to remain insurable while minimising your organisational risk.

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Security Awareness in 2023

Mixed media engages users and keeps security awareness front of mind. How are you keeping your workforce cyber-savvy?


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Dan Thornton

Expert panel:

Co-Founder and CEO

of GoldPhish

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Sharif Gardner

Head of Defence, Military and Law Enforcement, UK, Ireland & Nordics (SANS Institute)

16 March Webinar_Susie.png
Susie Jones

CEO of

Cynch Security


23 March | 8:00 - 9:00AM SAST | Google Meet (link will be made available)

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