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Change Behaviour, Reduce Risk

You don’t need to be a training pro to deploy GoldPhish. But we’ll make you look like one anyway. Our Training Platform is simple to set up, quick to launch, and simplified through automation.


Tackling the Human Side of Cyber Security


One platform. Everything you’ll need to improve cyber security behaviours and slash employee-caused incidents.

Simulated Phishing

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Train employees to spot, dodge, and report emails effortlessly.

Training Content

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Learning that's quick, simple, effective, and yes, actually fun.


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Track learner activity and get detailed phishing campaign reports.

Security awareness training shouldn’t be a headache to manage

Ongoing cyber awareness training, launched in minutes.


Quick Learning Hits
An accessible training portal, anytime, anywhere, on any device.


Automated Scheduling
Set it and forget it. Schedule your entire year's training in one go. No hassle, no fuss.


Effortless Setup
100% cloud-based, installation-free and simple configuration.


Timely Reminders
Friendly nudges, not annoying pokes. We remind your team so you don't have to.


Compliance Made Easy
Tick those compliance boxes with ease. Our platform ensures you meet all your compliance goals.


Unlimited Campaigns
Customise and schedule training content that resonates. Keep your team engaged and informed all year round.


Real-Time Phish Reporting
Instant insights at your fingertips. Track, analyse, and improve with our intuitive dashboards and detailed reports.


Full Performance Reports
Deep-dive into your team's performance. Spot trends, understand behaviours, and take action.

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    Accredited and Engaging

Micro-learning that's quick, simple, and effective.


    Unlimited Training

Educational content designed for lasting behaviour change.


Behaviour Change

Made Easy

    Multiple Languages

Multilingual content and email templates for a cyber-savvy workforce.


    Easy, Ongoing Support

Get help from an actual human and not a robot via our Support Centre.


    One Plan, All-Inclusive

No complex licencing. Everything in one, simple plan.


    Compliance Courses

Enrol users in courses designed to meet compliance requirements.

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