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Change behaviour, reduce risk

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It's Cyber-Savvy Made Simple

A combination of essential learning modules, quizzes, measurement, and multi-media reinforcement messages - including video - helps drive behavioural change and reduces the cyber risk to your organisation.

How it works

User enrolment

Easily enrol users on the training platform, either in bulk or individually. Assigned users will receive email invitations to begin training immediately.

The simplest way to train an entire organisation on cyber security awareness


Create an account for your company and get started in minutes. We'll provide you with communications for your organisation to create a buzz and drive compliance.

Get results

Users get started with assigned training campaigns and you can track their progress along the way! Produce progress reports as and when you need them.

Platform features

Security Awareness Training Modules 

Our focus is on making cyber simple through high-quality, engaging, and relevant training content. We use a mix of interactive eLearning, animation videos, real-world scenarios, and regular assessments.

Subjects include:

  • Cyber Threat

  • Phishing

  • Surfing the Web

  • BEC Scams

  • Social Engineering

Training Platform-01.png

Online training portal 

Users access their own portal to take online courses at times convenient to them. Our training portal is mobile-friendly, meaning training can happen anywhere at any time, on any device.

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Knowledge assessments

All security awareness modules include short knowledge assessments to reinforce training to ensure understanding of key subjects. 

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Training videos

Short, engaging animation videos educate staff on key security subjects and provide great, simple guidance to reinforce training.

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Insider Threat

  • Cyber Safety at Home

  • Physical Security

  • Protecting Business Information

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Executive training modules

Building company culture starts at the top. Our Executive Training modules explain cyber risk in a business context. Executives and board members will understand the importance of driving a cyber culture within their role. 

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Training notifications

We'll send auto-reminders to staff who need to get started or complete training. Managers will also receive automated reports to help track learners' progress. 

Training Platform-08.png

Phishing simulator

Execute phishing simulation tests as part of your awareness training. Tests can be scheduled to run at any time in the future and receive real-time reports on completion of campaigns. Learn more about Phishing Simulation >

  • Passwords

  • Travel Security

  • Malware

  • Social Networking

  • Incident Response

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Training campaign reports

Quickly track the progress of staff training with real-time reporting - presented in a simple format. Monitor performance on a department or individual level. 

Training Platform-06.png

Awareness training material

Foster a cyber awareness culture and roll out your own internal campaign. We've got you covered with a large collection of awareness posters, infographics, micro-modules, videos, and guidebooks. Mixed media helps get the message across and keeps cyber awareness top of mind. 

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Policy management

With simplified policy management, you can keep users up-to-date on security standards and processes. Easily track user acknolwedgement of company security policies.

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