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Improve end-user awareness and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence.


​Our phishing simulator tests learners with real-time, realistic phishing emails. Will they spot something 'phishy' going on?

Why phish your users?

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How it works

Put your training to the test with our automated phishing simulator:

Create Campaign

Create, schedule, and automate your full 12-month  simulated phishing programme within minutes.

Start Phishing

Users who “take the bait” receive just-in-time training to help avoid making the same mistake in the future.

Monitor Activity

Track learner activity and receive detailed phishing campaign reports outlining high-risk user actions.

Phishing simulator features

Simulated Phishing-01.png

Phishing campaigns

Create and automate unlimited simulated phishing campaigns within minutes, and deploy campaigns to different learners through the user segmentation capability.

Phishing reporting tool

With Phish Reporter, learners can report malicious emails from simulated phishing campaigns. Managers can identify those who took action to report, demonstrating positive security behaviour. Find out more here!

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Customisable email

template library

Explore our phishing template library with ready-to-go templates and an email builder. Customise templates effortlessly and design simulated phishing emails for your employees, regardless of industry or location.

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Scheduling your campaign is effortless. Set it up for a few days, weeks, months, or a custom date in the future. With just a few simple steps, automate your deployment plan.

Just-in-time training

Simulated phishing campaigns help reinforce security awareness through automated just-in-time training,  enabling learners to identify malicious emails.

Simulated Phishing-04.png


Produce and download reports detailing the outcomes of your phishing campaigns, offering the choice between data-rich CSV reports or an executive-style PDF report, which can be produced for individual or multiple campaigns.

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