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Meet our team

GoldPhish is the only security awareness platform designed specifically for small businesses worldwide.


Founded in 2017 by former royal marine commandos, creatives, and cyber experts, our mission is to provide top-tier training content and help everyone become cyber-savvy. Let us help you ward off potential attacks and keep your business safe.

Dan Thornton
Co-founder + CEO


Meet our resident military machine: the man with a plan, and the ultimate multi-tasker who somehow manages to function without ever sleeping. When he’s not whipping the team into shape, he’s out there running ultra marathons like it’s no big deal. He’s the glue that holds us all together, bringing out the best in each and every one of us.


The master of humanising technology, his superpower lies in creating a platform that is not only beautiful and intuitive but also wildly popular. With his keen eye for flawless experiences, learners, customer managers, and msp partners are left with unforgettable impressions. Get ready for a remarkable journey where tech meets humanity!

Hein Niemand

Product + Development Director


Behold, the dot-connecting maestro! Armed with a mission to catapult our brand into the vast expanse of the Internet (our very own version of space), this visionary gentleman takes charge. Through his creative technical wizardry, he ensures GoldPhish finds its way onto your radar. Brace yourself for an interstellar journey of brand excellence!

Estéffan Coetzee

Digital Marketing Manager

Zoé Gardner


Introducing our multitasking maverick mom, who wrangles three little ones while revolutionising cyber security with cyber-savvy made simple. She's a design, marketing, and tech guru, ensuring accessibility for all. Because who says being a supermom and cyber whiz can't be

done with flair?

Jess Massyn
Global Sales Director


Meet Jess, our unstoppable force behind the scenes, tirelessly nurturing and expanding our vital partner network. Not only that, but she also leaves her mark on our sales and marketing endeavours, working her magic company-wide.

Book a demo with Jess

Karin Thornton
Finance Controller


Not only is she the epitome of kindness, but she also possesses ninja-like skills when it comes to numbers. We dare not mess with her! This incredible individual keeps a tight rein on the GoldPhish finances, expertly managing every aspect. With her in charge, those purse strings are securely and meticulously held.

Marius Potgieter

Director of Software Development


In a realm where challenges quiver before him, our unstoppable problem solver fearlessly tackles tasks that would reduce an ordinary mortal to tears. He diligently constructs solutions to ensure the delivery of our promised world-class tech product. Remember, not all heroes adorn capes; some simply carry the weight of excellence.

Lesley Stone

Global Customer Success Manager


Prepare to be amazed as Lesley swoops in like a cyber superhero, donning her cape of experience and wielding her mighty knowledge. She's ready to help you conquer the world of cyber security awareness training and ensure your business goals are achieved with finesse.

Carla Carboné

Creative Director


Meet Carla, the mastermind who effortlessly captures the essence of the GoldPhish brand in the blink of an eye. Whether it's designing captivating marketing collateral or crafting engaging learning content, she's a force to be reckoned with. Briefing Carla is merely a formality, for she consistently knocks it out of the park with her brilliance.

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