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Our security awareness training platform as part of your Insurance offering


Start today and deliver world-class security awareness training with our seamless,

multi-tenant,  whitelabel platform

Help your customers reduce their cyber risk, remain compliant and become insurable

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Sign Up

Our onboarding process helps partners become experts at marketing security awareness training, selling the solution, onboarding and supporting your customers.


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Customer Onboarding

Add multiple companies on the whitelabeled, multi-tenant platform in minutes and start onboarding. Only pay for what you need - no upfront costs.


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Manage & Support

Monitor training progress across all your customers and provide support through our intuitive training platform. The GoldPhish team are with you all the way.

Cyber Ready

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Thanks for your partner request 

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GoldPhish Onboarding Support

Partners receive extensive training on our solution to enable you to effectively sell, onboard and support all of your customers.


  • Technical training and demonstrations.

  • Sales & marketing training to ensure successful conversions.

  • Pre-designed marketing materials for you to re-brand.

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Scheduled Delivery

We’ve done the work so you don’t have to!


Once onboarded, the delivery of training and launching campaigns is simple, intuitive and effortless. Allowing you to focus less on hand-holding and more on scaling quickly.

Beautifully Engaging Original Content

Deliver the most engaging, interactive, and beautiful training content on the market.


  • Interactive e-Learning modules.

  • Animation Videos.

  • Interactive Micro-modules.

  • Downloadable posters, infographics and guide books. 

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Multi-tenant Monitoring

Simplify customer management with a centralised multi-tenant dashboard. Sit back and monitor progress or take charge and provide support should they need it.

100% White-Label

We’re not precious on branding, use your own on a 100% white-label platform…

go be the HERO.


Simple Licensing and Competitive Pricing

Generate attractive margins and a recurring revenue stream with the most competitive pricing on the market and no business overhead.

  • No setup fees.

  • No minimum order or term.

  • No required revenue targets.

  • Only pay for monthly usage. 

Ongoing GoldPhish Sales Support

Need additional training for your sales team?

Need advice on how you close a big account?

Need some ‘flexibility’ on the pricing model for a high value client?

We got you!

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