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How to promote a cyber-secure workplace culture

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

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How to promote a cyber-secure workplace culture (1)
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Let’s face facts, work and lifestyle changes are here to stay. We’ve all had to adjust over the last couple of years, not only to a new way of working but to a new way of living - remotely - to life online.

With this evolving landscape, more and more cyber criminals are lurking, ready to take advantage of increased online security vulnerabilitie since the pandemic - and the shortcuts users are taking. We’re all guilty of them.

Whilst responsibility for securing our online network is often believed to lie in the hands of the IT department (if you’re lucky enough to have one) this is simply not the case. Yes, they should be ready and available to receive any reports of suspicious activity, but the reality is, it’s up to us as individuals to take increased ownership and become more cyber-savvy.

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It’s our own responsibility to keep digital security - be it work-related or personal - a priority and in check.

So does this mean we all have to work even harder to stay ahead of the cyber threats?

Not. At. All. We just have to work smarter!

How do we work smarter to tackle the cyber threat?

We can tackle it by raising basic awareness of the threats out there and some simple education on how to stay safe. But let’s get one thing clear, the ‘one-size-fits-all’ training approach is a thing of the past! Instead, opt for a mix of training techniques to promote learning. This means you can incorporate eLearning, quizzes, mixed-media, and reinforcement messaging for example - allowing for better engagement and better results as training is dynamic.

Classroom-based death-by-Powerpoint is hopefully a thing of the past, along with day-long training courses. With our lives constantly overloaded by information, mainstream media, social media, the latest Netflix sensation, and relentless consumer advertising content - finding an effective way to engage with your audience and grab their scarce attention is harder than ever.

By mixing up learning techniques, you are allowing for better results from more engagement and leaving room to be flexible. You can work around the end users’ needs by personalising content and their pace of learning. Training can even be tailored specifically to a company, or to a particular department.

Smart, right?

Relatable, engaging, dynamic awareness training works!

7 Steps To Promoting A Cyber-Secure Workplace

Download our mini-guide (you will need to do this on desktop) and effectively promote a cyber-secure workplace in 7 steps - it covers how to engage and nurture an entire workforce as they learn, and how ultimately, you can future-proof your organisation by developing a cyber-secure workplace culture.

If you enjoy the mini-guide, you can also access the complete guide to promoting a cyber-secure workplace culture on our website.

How to promote a cyber-secure workplace culture (1)
Download PDF • 2.10MB


GoldPhish educates end-users on the cyber threat and helps build more secure organisations with awareness training and phishing simulation

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