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The Only Awareness Comms Calendar You’ll Need This Year

2023 Communications Calendar Header Image

At the end of 2022, we decided to put together a comprehensive communications calendar for any partner, IT department, or security manager to utilise - how convenient!

We see raising awareness and changing end-user behaviour as “Marketing for Security”! To help awareness managers design that much-needed ‘always on message’ campaign approach like a marketing team, we’ve built a training, exercise, and comms calendar to give them the perfect template for structuring their annual awareness training programmes. But that’s not all - we’ve got all the content ready to go as well, so you just need to deploy it.

Most cyber security leaders report lofty aspirations for their security awareness programs, yet underinvest in this space because legacy solutions do not meet current CISO needs. Due to this, we noticed a gap that our product offering could fill. We have world-class content, however, how do we piece it together into one comprehensive internal communication calendar?

Why did we put this calendar together?

We are laser-focused on empowering our partners to be equipped with adequate resources in order to provide their clients with the best cyber security knowledge. In light of this, we have put together an in-depth cyber security calendar that any partner, IT department, or security manager can utilise to ensure their employees remain cyber-savvy throughout the year.

This calendar hosts all the important cyber security information you would need to plug into your existing cyber security awareness training programme or can be used as a stand-alone programme.

Regular high-quality training is critical to raising awareness, as are simulated phishing experiences for reinforcing that training and keeping employees on their toes … but an active communications strategy over 12 months is what builds strong internal security cultures. It demonstrates to customers you’re cyber-savvy and taking the protection of their data seriously.

Yes! This is the valuable resource you have all been waiting for.

GoldPhish Comms Calendar Image

What does the comprehensive communications calendar look like?

It looks like any other 2023 calendar - period. Just kidding, it has everything you need to successfully run a cyber security awareness training programme within your organisation.

Our communications calendar outlines everything from designated start and end dates for simulated phishing and training campaigns to our webinars and important cyber security days. As we said, it has EVERYTHING you need.

Did we forget to mention that we have produced content to go along with this calendar? You can download each month’s suggested content and use this as you please to build a mature security culture in your organisation. This is in addition to having access to our world-class platform which houses all of your simulated phishing templates, training modules, reports, security policies, and more!

How do I access this calendar?

At GoldPhish we’ve always believed in transparency and this is why we put our training videos on YouTube and made our awareness comms content available on our public portal. The communications calendar is a value add to our existing partners, however, if you’d like to try our platform and receive free unlimited access to all we have to offer, sign up for a 30-day trial.


GoldPhish educates end-users on the cyber threat and helps build more secure organisations with awareness training and simulated phishing.

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