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How to Make Security Training Fun: 6 Tips to Boost Employee Engagement

Updated: May 23, 2023

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Let's face it, security training can be a bit of a snooze-fest. But it doesn't have to be! We've got 6 super tips to help you jazz up your security training and get your team pumped about cyber safety. Let's dive in!

Make it relatable 🤔

Ditch the jargon and speak the language your employees understand. Use real-life examples and scenarios they can relate to, so they'll see the importance of security practices in their day-to-day work. To make it even more relatable, incorporate stories from your own company or industry. Sharing anecdotes of close calls or past incidents will drive home the point that security is everyone's responsibility. The more relevant it feels, the more engaged they'll be!

Game on 🎮

Who doesn't love a little friendly competition? Turn security training into a game by adding quizzes, leaderboards, and rewards. Design games like cybersecurity jeopardy, scavenger hunts, or even escape rooms with a security twist. This way, employees will have fun while learning and be motivated to outdo their coworkers. Plus, gamifying the experience helps make the learning stick better, improving long-term retention.

Short and sweet 🍬

Break the training down into bite-sized chunks to make it easier to digest. Nobody wants to sit through hours of lectures. Instead, opt for engaging, short modules that employees can complete at their own pace. Microlearning has been shown to be more effective, as it caters to shorter attention spans and allows for better information retention. So, keep it short, sweet, and to the point!

Keep it fresh 🔄

Update your training materials regularly to keep them current and engaging. With new threats and trends popping up all the time, staying up-to-date is essential. Plus, your team won't feel like they're stuck in Groundhog Day, going through the same old training every time. Don't be afraid to get creative and incorporate new formats, like videos, interactive simulations, or even virtual reality experiences.

Get personal 🎯

Tailor your training to different roles and departments. Not everyone needs the same level of security know-how. Customise the content to fit each employee's needs, so they'll feel like the training is really meant for them. By addressing specific concerns and responsibilities, employees are more likely to feel invested in their training and apply what they've learned to their everyday tasks.

Celebrate success 🎉

Acknowledge and reward your employees for completing their training and implementing what they've learned. A little recognition goes a long way, and it's a fantastic way to keep everyone motivated and excited about security training. Hold an awards ceremony, give out certificates, or even throw a party to celebrate your team's accomplishments. Remember, positive reinforcement encourages continued participation and a strong security culture.


So, there you have it – 6 tips to help you make security training more engaging and enjoyable for your team. By following these suggestions, you'll not only create a more security-conscious workforce but also boost morale and camaraderie within your organisation. Now go forth and make security training a blast!


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