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GoldPhish Nabs Seven New G2 Badges, Proving We're Hooked on Excellence

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We're excited to share some fantastic news with you. The G2 Fall Reports have been released, and we're humbled to announce that we've earned seven new badges.


G2: Where reviews matter

G2 isn't just any review site – it's the go-to platform for software reviews, serving over 80 million software buyers every year. In the crowded Security Awareness Training category, only the top 35 vendors make the cut to feature on G2's prestigious Grid Report.

A year of growth

2023 has been a remarkable year for GoldPhish as we continue to grow our brand, user base, and product. It's a testament to the dedication of our team and the unwavering support from our valued clients and partners. We're truly grateful for these accolades, and we believe they reflect our mission of simplifying cyber-savvy education for every size organisation.

Presenting our seven new badges

Here are the seven badges we've recently been awarded:

Digging into the numbers

GoldPhish currently ranks 26th out of 148 vendors in the Cyber Security Awareness Training category on G2. This milestone wouldn't have been possible without the valuable feedback and reviews from our users and partners, for which we're sincerely thankful.

We love getting feedback from our users to help us constantly improve our product and content. Whether it’s at the learner level, Manager level, or even feedback on user experience for our Partners, all of it is taken on board to make sure our product focus is aligned.

Our three pillars of success

At GoldPhish, our focus remains on three core principles:

  1. Simplicity in learning We're committed to making cyber-savvy education easy to understand and apply.

  2. User-friendly products We strive to create tools that are intuitive and efficient for our users.

  3. Cyber security at the forefront We aim to keep cybersecurity at the forefront of our users' minds through engaging content and effective products.

What our community has to say

We invite you to visit our G2 profile and explore the reviews shared by our community. Their feedback tells the story of GoldPhish and why we continue to be a trusted choice for security awareness training.


GoldPhish educates end-users on the cyber threat and helps build more secure organisations with awareness training and simulated phishing

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