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5 Benefits of our 30-Day Free Trial

Updated: May 17, 2022

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Have you ever heard the saying, ‘nothing in this world is truly free’? Well, we are here to tell you it is a lie! Just like you were lied to about the existence of Santa Claus, you have been told to not believe something that ‘seems too good to be true’. Yes, we are a cyber security awareness training organisation telling you not to believe everything you are told, but this is something that is certainly ‘too good to be true’ and is actually not a scam.

Here is a scenario for you: When purchasing a house, or any property for that matter, you naturally go view the property. You do a thorough inspection and envision yourself living there. The agent or landlord tells you how great this property is, that it is in high demand, and the rest of the sales pitch. You submit your application and you are handed the keys. Great, you are now living in your newly rented or purchased property - congratulations! The only problem is that you’ve only been told about the features without trying out the ‘product’ first hand.

We look forward to changing this process. We hand you the keys and allow you to ‘live’ in the property for 30 days - rent-free. Not only do you have full access to our white-labelled platform, but you also have the freedom to engage with our market-leading content, as well as run simulated phishing campaigns while delivering real-time reports to your organisation.

Below are 5 benefits of utilising our 30-day free trial to its full capacity:

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1. Unlimited Licences

You are able to upload as many licences as you need during the 30-day period - effectively making the white-labelled platform your own! We do not place a limitation on the number of licences one can utilise, as we would like our users to fully utilise our platform and all of its capabilities. Once you’ve used our market-leading platform and content, you will definitely want to carry on using it. There is simply no solution that comes close to ours.

Unlimited Awareness Training icon

2. Unlimited Awareness Training

An added benefit of your 30-day trial is the ability to access all of our content. We do not restrict you on the amount of training material you have access to, nor do we limit the number of times you are able to access our world-renowned content. Our platform is designed to seamlessly deliver, monitor, and report a continuous annual awareness training programme to an entire workforce. Anywhere at any time. It's the only security awareness training solution you will ever need.

Unlimited Phishing Simulations icon

3. Unlimited Phishing Simulations

Improve end-user awareness and their ability to recognise phishing attempts with confidence. Our phishing simulator tests users with real-time, realistic phishing emails. With our phishing simulator, you are able to create campaigns, publish these campaigns and monitor your company's activity. The most important part is that this is all available to you with our 30-day trial. You will have full access to all of our professional templates and platform capabilities for the duration of your trial. Gain access to detailed reporting and expert analysis which you are able to present to your decision-makers and stakeholders.

100% White-label Platform icon

4. 100% White-label Platform

By now you should be able to tell that our platform is all yours for your trial period. This includes the capability to 100% white-label our platform as your own. Add your logo, corporate colours, your own templates - go crazy because this is your platform to utilise. Once you’ve used our platform, you will realise that there simply is no other solution that compares to GoldPhish.

Partner Resources icon

5. Partner Resources

The free trial feature also applies to all GoldPhish partners, allowing them to not only provide live demos but also allow their own potential customers to live on the platform for free for 30 days. Additionally, our partners can use our free feature to set up and run baseline phishing tests against potential customers (with their permission of course!). There is no better way to convince a potential customer of the importance of Security Awareness Training than demonstrating their vulnerability to social engineering through a simulated phishing attack.

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