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How to Protect Your Mini-Gamers on Roblox: A Guide for the Clueless Parent

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So… You've discovered Roblox. Or rather, your little gamer dragged you into it. Here's the down-low, the 411, the need-to-know to ensure your kid isn't out there building a digital disaster.

Dangers in the blocky world (and what they really mean):

Stranger Danger 2.0 🥸

Online anonymity lets weirdos pretend to be kids. Newsflash: That 11-year-old "friend" might be a 40-year-old Steve from Idaho.

Phishing failures 🎣

In-game purchases 💸

Overexposure 💥

Explicit content 🔞

Cyberbullying 🤬

Scammy games 🎮

Inappropriate friend requests 😈

Hacks and malware 👾

Obsession overload 😵‍💫

Parental pro-tips to keep the Roblox ride smooth:


Parental controls

Roblox offers settings that limit game access and interactions. It's like a digital seatbelt.


No personal info

Stress the importance of anonymity. They shouldn't share any personal info.


Friend-only mode

Like a VIP club, but for Roblox. Only allow access to known buddies.


Robux rundown

Go official. Buy Robux directly from Roblox. Avoid those shady side deals.


Chat checks

Snoop-mode activated. Check-in on their chats. They might whine, but it's for their own good.


Game approval

Be the game bouncer - only let them into age-appropriate zones. Educate 'em: Talk cyber dangers.



Regular chats keep you updated on their Roblox life. It's tea time, Roblox edition.


Password power

Their birthday? Nope. Opt for a combo of letters, numbers, and symbols. Think ‘RedBloxRox$2023’.

To Wrap It Up:

Guarding your kid on Roblox doesn't require a degree in Cyber-Sorcery. Stay involved, be aware, and remind them of the basics. And hey, if you snag some parent points while you're at it? Bonus.


GoldPhish educates end-users on the cyber threat and helps build more secure organisations with awareness training and simulated phishing

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