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Launch of a gamified learning experience offers a more effective way to educate employees.

As companies enter an era of remote and distributed working, the reliance on a strong risk culture will define its success in navigating turbulent times.

Creating the right risk culture is a critical but complex challenge which goes beyond the tone-at-the-top or narrow risk manager focus. An innovative, gamified learning experience has been launched by a consortium of leading risk management, cyber security, online training and digital platform partners.  The gamification solution offers companies a unique way of creating a risk-aware culture and behaviour, by empowering staff to run a virtual business.  The game experience introduces learning concepts, the navigation of real-world risk challenges and empowering decision-making opportunities.

The game simulates the impacts of decisions made, with the aim of competing with colleagues to achieve the best outcomes for their virtual business. The solution enables companies in all sectors to design a learning experience that reflects their business environment. Companies can integrate learning assets seamlessly, configure business metrics and impacts for their risk environment and promote healthy competition among employees through configurable leader boards and recognition system integration.

GoldPhish, the consortium’s cyber security awareness training partner, understands the importance of addressing the human factor with regards to cyber risk. Cyber crime is on the rise, with over 90% of successful cyber attacks being attributed to human error. GoldPhish’s CEO, Dan Thornton, believes building an awareness culture is critical to reducing cyber risk: “As cyber security technology becomes more effective in stopping attacks, cyber criminals have increasingly switched their focus to the perceived soft target of any organisation, the employees. Engaging awareness training is essential to transforming a company’s workforce into its strongest security asset for defending against phishing and other social engineering attacks”.

The Training Room Online (TTRO), an EdTech company that provides human-centred digital learning solutions, have long-championed the need for companies to adapt their learning strategies to future workplace needs. The use of storytelling by way of video, scenario, game and experiential-based learning is a key feature of the Risk and Cyber game platform design.  Kirsty Chadwick, the CEO of TTRO considers these learning styles to be future-critical.  “Gamified learning experiences can improve adoption from levels below 20% to above 80% among staff.  Equally, learning retention can be up to three times more effective in knowledge retention when using left and right brain learning techniques. With remote working the new norm, embracing new learning methods will be key”

Mustard, the consortium’s content production and digital platform partner which developed the gaming engine, believe that a fun and engaging experience for the player is essential.  Tim Apter, Director and Producer at Mustard emphasises the importance of enjoyment while learning; “Our clients love the experience the game promotes in their business, with employees actively engaging in a learning process without the formalities and red tape that is normally associated with learning.  Gaming is a great way to level the playing field among leadership and staff while creating a fun and engaging learning experience for all”.

Orillion Solutions, an innovative risk management partner in the consortium believes that companies that invest in improving risk culture have an unparalleled return on investment.  Anthony Sani, the founder of Orillion Solutions stresses that “Companies often overlook the most important aspect of managing risk; their front-line staff.  This solution allows companies to bring risk scenarios and decision-making impacts to life for all staff, giving purpose to what can be a complex topic for most employees.  Reducing the propensity for risk and failure must be the end goal for every well run business. 

We believe the game is a great way for companies to embed the right culture and behaviour where it counts.”

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